Ladder Devices

The Little Giant provides numerous sizes of stepladder, adjustable extension ladder, or a staircase. The Little Giant Ladder system is 4 to five times more long lasting than normal aluminum platform ladders.
Ladder Accessories
The ladder ends up being more flexible and efficient when the devices for various types of job works are made readily available. A few of the common Little Giant ladder devices are as follows.
1. Little Giant Work Platform
The Little Giant Platform is a must have device. This special Little Giant platform can take the pressure of the instep and one can stand securely at any height. The reason is that it is created to fit on any Little Giant ladder sounded.
2. Telescoping Work Plank

The telescoping is generally designed to convert the ladder into a scaffolding system. It can be used on any Little Giant ladder system. This work plank can be used when scaffold is needed for dealing with areas inside or outside your home.
3. see Leg leveler
The leg leveler is a perfect device for working on unequal surfaces. The leg leveler is a safe option for working on stairs, sloping grounds and unequal surfaces.
4. Wing Span Attachment
The wing span accessory functions for the top of the ladder exactly what the leg leveler does for the bottom. The wing period accessory connects to the top of the ladder to broaden and support it.
Some More Accessories
1. Little Giant ladder idea slide wheel kit this is used to stroll the ladder once it set in the storage position. The ladder merely rolls easily behind the workman. This device is readily available for the Type 1A models 17,22 and 26
2. Little Giant wall standoff- is used when working around the windows, rain gutters and bushes. They supply extra width and the adjustable legs and add versatility to any of the Little Giant ladders.
The Little Giant devices can be acquired online or from the ladder marts. The pricing varies depending upon the devices.

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